hiding-blindsService Of Process

I.R.I.S. specializes in the service of process of evasive or hard to serve defendants, deponents, witnesses, and others.  Some of the documents can be extremely hard to serve especially if the defendant or respondent has been served before.  

Our investigators have experience locating and serving hard to find individuals.  Background searches utilizing public records, databases, research, surveillance and other investigative tactics are used to locate and serve an individual.  We know how to serve uncooperative individuals and are trained in defusing heated and confrontational situations, so relying on a professional ensures that difficult individuals will be successfully served.

We know the laws and standards regarding process of service and provide notarized affidavits of service and court testimony as needed. Documents commonly served relating to criminal and civil court matters include:

  • Restraining Orders
  • Order to Show Causes
  • Personal Appearance Subpoenas
  • Criminal Subpoenas
  • Family Law documents

If traditional methods and service attempts have failed because the individual is missing or evasive and time is running out, we are available 24/7 and will go the extra mile to achieve you objectives in a timely professional manner.

  • Fast track time sensitive assignments
  • Utilize Comprehensive Databases
  • Ability to locate difficult to find and missing individuals
  • Experienced in serving difficult or evasive people
  • Provide notarized affidavits of service
  • Familiar with acceptable laws and standards