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Well established professional investigative practice in Hartford, Connecticut providing all-inclusive solutions and services: investigation, surveillance, and digital forensics for business government and the legal communities.

Impartial-Objective–Advocates of the Truth

Licensed, Board Certified, Bonded and Insured



What We are Known For

      • Discrete  investigations of high profile, complex criminal cases.
      • Dedicated, experienced professionals who are determined to find the truth.
      • Ability to locate hard to find witnesses and exculpatory evidence.
      • Knowledge and experience preserving Social Media evidence.
      • Providing investigative and forensic services to the Connecticut Public Defenders Office.
      • Providing investigative and forensic services to the Federal Public Defenders Office.

I.R.I.S. Advantages

      • We provide the widest range of expert services.
      • Rapid response capabilities in pre-arrest and digital evidence gathering.
      • Professional cross-trained investigators available to assist with a broad range of issues.
      • Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator.
      • Certified Digital Forensic Examiner.
      • Utilize the latest software, equipment and methods.