“3 things you can do to prevent a ransomware attack”

1.  Never open any attachment from ANY e-mail unless you are 100% sure it is legitimate and from a source that you trust (there are examples where an e-mail may come from someone you trust but that does not mean that they don’t have the virus and the attacker is using their PC to spread the malicious code). PLEASE always ensure the attachment is NOT a ZIP, EXE or other executable code.  There are some instances where a .doc is followed by a .zip (BE CAREFUL).  There are very common ones which are from USPS, UPS, FedEx, Etc… all stating to have your package tracking information.

2.  Don’t search websites or visit links that you are not familiar with. We have seen where clients have clicked on a picture in Facebook and received a virus.

3.  VERY IMPORTANT. Always make sure you have a good backup of your server and data. This is however not the magic answer because if your server gets hit with Ransomware it may also encrypt your backup drive thus rendering it useless.  The SOLUTION to this issue is to always ensure that you have a backup drive that you take off-site for the recovery of your data.

You are the only one who can ensure that if you are hit with Ransomware that you have the proper backup off-site and that the backup is current.  We hope you never have to deal with Ransomware, but if you are prepared the damage can be very minimal without paying the requested ransom.

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