Advanced Cell Site Analysis Using Per Call Measurement Data

Location data from cellular service provider records can be key evidence in a case.  In this article we discuss how a mobile device works on a cellular network, the types of location data that can be obtained from the cellular service provider, and links to the latest subpoena guide and retention schedules for the major service providers. Read Full Article Here>

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Best Practices for Preserving Social Media Evidence

In our earlier post on this topic, Best Practices for Searching Social Media for Evidence, we described a universal approach for searching the internet to locate and identify social media evidence.  In this article we discuss the best practices for preserving the evidence found, the rules of evidence that apply and steps that can be taken to overcome anticipated admissibility issues. Read the full article> See our Digital Evidence Toolbox for additional tools    

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Bridgeport Man Found Not Guilty of Stratford Rape

  A Bridgeport man, who spent nine and a half months in prison after a woman claimed he raped her in a Stratford motel, was found not guilty of the charges. Mr. Joseph’s defense team reported that the cell phone evidence recovered by IRIS LLC was a crucial part of the defense. When IRIS LLC initially received Mr. Joseph's phone it was heavily damaged and not operational, but we were able to repair the phone so that the text message evidence could be successfully extracted and provided to the defense team. See Full Article>

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Due Diligence in Skakel Case

New Investigation Yields Critical Evidence: In our assessment of the credibility of the State's star witness, Gregory Coleman, it was a simple matter of conducting due diligence.  As was our investigation into an alibi witness, Dennis Ossorio. Unfortunately, the basic investigative steps were not followed until our involvement a decade later.  The failure to conduct due diligence can affect anyone from all walks of life. "The right to a fair trial is one of the cornerstones of a just society." See full Hartford Courant article

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