Effective use of location data begins with having the knowledge of what information to get and where to find it.  But the most important thing to know is that it is time sensitive so it must be prioritized early.

Cellular service providers have location data records you may not have considered.  These records can be a significant source of information, but are more time sensitive than other records because of each providers record retention.  For example, when a person is travelling, and their mobile device is idle, the device could be connecting to roaming networks, Wi-Fi hotspots, cell site towers, etc.  Each of these actions leaves a footprint of locations that are contained in unique service provider records.

“Harness the power of knowledge.”

We explain what service provider records are available, how long they are kept and how to get them.  We combined these free resources and more in our IRIS LLC Digital Evidence Toolbox.  These resources include an up-to-date subpoena guide for all the major cellular and internet service providers.  They also include updated 2018 retention schedules for the main cellular service providers and descriptions of the types of records to request.

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