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NEW! The first standardized Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method

IRIS DECAM White Paper

IRIS LLC is proud to announce the creation of the first standardized Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM) for indigent defense organizations.

Developed for the defense community to reduce pre-trial incarceration and prevent future wrongful convictions in cases involving digital evidence.  Consisting of work flow guides, printable check lists, forms, templates, requests, motions, evidence receipts and logs, along with the latest cellular service provider retention schedules and internet and social media subpoena guides as well as other critical resources. 



Thank you to everyone who participated!

The Division of Public Defender Services Investigation Division:


A Standardized Method for Investigators and Attorneys

Thursday, June 6, 2019  – Middlesex Community College

This seminar presented a standardized digital evidence methodology from collection through trial for both Investigators and Attorneys, integrating knowledge from previous digital evidence training into a practical approach – from early case assessment through collection as well as evaluation of digital evidence presented by law enforcement.

This standardized Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM) consists of work flow guides, customized, printable check lists, forms, templates, requests, motions and more all on disc, and supported by the latest online resources, standards, and industry related information.  DECAM provides the knowledge, skills and resources to assess, triage, investigate and preserve digital evidence in accordance with the best practices and industry standards.


Mike Udvardy of I.R.I.S. LLC, is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and founder of the Digital Evidence Innocence Initiative

Jim Oulundsen of eLab, and co-founder of the Digital Evidence Innocence Initiative, is a Certified Digital Forensic Examiner, EnCase Certified Examiner, Cellebrite Certified: CCLO, CCPA, CASA, CCME

William H. Paetzold, Esq. is the founder and partner at Moriarty, Paetzold & Sherwood and co-founder of the Digital Evidence Innocence Initiative and provides strategic legal consultation to the defense community regarding the effective use of digital evidence in pre-trial cases and post conviction review.

Announcing the first and only organization in the nation dedicated to preventing and overturning wrongful convictions in cases involving digital evidence.

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What We are Known For

  • Discrete investigations of high profile, complex criminal cases.
  • Dedicated, experienced professionals who are determined to find the truth.
  • Ability to locate hard to find witnesses and exculpatory evidence.
  • Knowledge and experience preserving Social Media evidence.
  • Providing expert services and training to the Connecticut Public Defenders Office.
  • Providing investigative and forensic services to the Federal Public Defenders Office.

I.R.I.S. Advantages

  • We provide the widest range of expert services.
  • Rapid response capabilities in pre-arrest and digital evidence gathering.
  • Professional cross-trained investigators available to assist with a broad range of issues.
  • Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator.
  • Certified Digital Forensic Examiner.
  • I.R.I.S. LLC utilizes the latest software, equipment and methods.


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