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I.R.I.S. investigators are known for our ability to conduct crime scene investigations, evidence collection and generate diagrams as part of large-scale criminal investigations. Our proven methods, training, and specialized equipment make us capable of collecting and preserving evidence that will be admissible in court. Operating extensively throughout Connecticut, our team ensures that every investigation meets the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.

The ability to properly collect the evidence is only part of the assignment. We are capable of providing trial testimony and professional presentations as part of our dedication to being diversified for our clients. Our Connecticut-based experts are well-versed in local legal procedures, enhancing the credibility and relevance of our findings in court.

  • On-Site Scene Examination
  • Witness Canvass
  • Evidence Collection
  • Scene Measurements, Photographs and Video
  • Scale Diagrams, PowerPoint Presentation and Trial Testimony

Why Choose I.R.I.S. LLC for Crime Scene Investigation in Connecticut?

  • Local Expertise: With deep roots in Connecticut, we are familiar with state-specific regulations and procedures, ensuring thorough and compliant investigations.
  • Comprehensive Evidence Collection: Our team is equipped with advanced tools and training to meticulously collect and preserve all types of evidence.
  • Professional Testimony: We provide clear and professional trial testimony, supported by detailed presentations and diagrams.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure accurate scene measurements and high-quality photographic and video documentation.
  • Dedicated Team: Our cross-trained investigators are committed to uncovering the truth and supporting our clients through every step of the legal process.

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