surveillance-title__2Digital Video Preservation

IRIS has the ability to capture and preserve digital video and audio evidence from a wide variety of sources.  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance, personal digital cameras and smart phone are everywhere and the amount of video increases daily. Our cross-trained defense investigators combined with our in-house digital forensics lab supports our wide range of services and capabilities.

IRIS recognizes the need for quick response to preserve the evidence.  Digital video recorders (DVR’s) constantly overwrite older video with the newest video, so if the evidence is not obtained immediately it could be gone for good.

IRIS professionals can also enhance poor quality video or audio.  A number of factors, such as poor lighting, can make the quality of the video or audio less than desired.  Video enhancement can be applied following industry standards to improve the image quality and clarity.  By applying enhancement, details that may have been overlooked in the original may be identified.  The enhancement process should always preserve the source recording with the enhanced version created as a separate version. This assures preservation and comparison.

• Fast Track and Rapid Response Capabilities
• Experience Cross Trained Professionals
• Ability to locate and preserve all types of video evidence
• High tech and forensic preservations capabilities
• Video Enhancement and clarity capabilities