eDiscovery bannerI.R.I.S. LLC offers expert digital forensic services to assist lawyers, investigators, or law enforcement agencies.   In addition to on-site services, we offer a secure lab with state of the art hardware and software to conduct efficient and cost effective forensic services including e-Discovery.
data recoveryAt I.R.I.S. LLC, we go beyond simply extracting the data from a hard drive or storage media device. Our technicians have the expertise and advanced tools to secure, gather, examine, identify and extract any amount of files, folders and data – from which they will provide the evidence you need in preparing and presenting your case. We will organize and present the data accurately, methodically cost-effectively and will structure and present it in a format that is admissible and reliable in any court of law.

  •  Rapid search and retrieval — Quickly identify and collect electronically stored information.
  • Early case assessment — Determine the merit of a case and understand your negotiation leverage early in the legal process.
  • Audit trails — Verify compliance through audit trails to protect against fines, negative publicity, and potential criminal investigations.

Computer EvidenceI.R.I.S. LLC experts are familiar with the Federal Rules pertaining to electronic discovery. Forensic examiners at IRIS-IDFL are professional consultants with the technology and the know-how to make e-Discovery work for your case and to protect you from errors in production to the other side. We provide verifiable recovery of electronic evidence, thorough processing of the evidence for your review, chain of custody documentation, interpretation of results, and reporting of results in an understandable manner. We are mindful of presenting highly technical evidence in an easy to understand format.

Here is a brief list of what is possible:

  • Recovery of deleted files, even after a hard drive has been reformatted or re-partitioned
  • In many cases encrypted files can be decrypted
  • Determination of web sites that have been visited
  • Determination of downloaded files 
  • Determination of when files were created, last accessed or modified
  • Determination of when files were deleted
  • Discovery of attempts to conceal or destroy evidence
  • Discovery of attempts to fabricate evidence
  • Discovery of hidden text that was removed from the final printed version of a document
  • Discovery of faxes sent or received on a computer
  • Discovery of email messages and attachments even if previously deleted

gavel keyboardOur procedures are designed to make the evidence we gather and analyze admissible under the applicable rules.  We utilize forensic workstations running only state of the art software that is recognized by the Courts and similarly recognized as authoritative by the law enforcement community including Cellebrite and EnCase Forensic so that you can be confident the data you are reviewing or producing is authentic, unaltered and verifiable for evidentiary purposes.

Getting Started

I.R.I.S. LLC is available 24/7 in emergency cases and our experts are available to travel anywhere in the country.  To get started, please contact us today to request a quote.



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