Social Media/Internet Searches

I.R.I.S. LLC has been using the internet and specifically social networks in our investigations for over a decade. Most people don’t realize that there are over 200 popular social media sites used everyday all over the world with millions of web pages, blogs, and social networks. Information available on social networking sites can be critical and relevant to nearly every investigation. Social networking websites can access public information and identify private information within the content of the pages.  We use leading forensic software to provide cost-effective collection and to created legally admissible reports of large amounts of data.

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Information obtained from social network and internet searches may include:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Conversations and messages
  • Associates, friends and family members
  • Recent or future activities
  • information about suspects, victims, witnesses, jurors and possible co-conspirators.

We can effectively preserve social media content from the leading social media networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as well as from websites, web mail and YouTube.

Whether it is an insurance defense matter regarding personal injury or worker’s compensation, civil lawsuit or criminal case, our investigators will preserve the information you need in an ethical and legal manner and maintain the chain of custody. We possess an intimate knowledge of not only the technology but also how it can be obtained legally/ethically, handled and used following all Federal and State laws including those that regulate the insurance and legal industry.

We provide a detailed report with the captured information and can testify to the evidence preserved. We also offer a custom, in-depth social media investigation and advanced internet research service.

stock-photo-47105096-internet-surveillanceThere are over 350 million images and 190 million status updates loaded on Facebook daily. Social media activity levels throughout America continue to increase at exponential rates. It’s estimated that 56% of Americans have a profile on a social networking site. The intelligence that can be gathered via public sites can be crucial when conducting due diligence associated with an insurance claims investigations.

In today’s business climate, thorough background investigations and due diligence are critical to your company’s ability to make informed decisions. With the surge of social media and online activity in recent years, it is also necessary to understand the online reputation and overall web presence of an individual in addition to their personal and professional backgrounds.

The use of social media continues to expand in business and social contexts, and that its importance is increasing in litigation. It is notable that social media evidence is already a core component of eDiscovery evidence collection efforts by most lawyers and practitioners. Social networking sites have grown from a few thousand users to more than a billion. These sites have become a preferred form of electronic communication, surpassing email in 2009.

Social media is everywhere. Nearly everyone uses it. Litigants who understand social media–and its benefits and limitations– can immeasurably help their clients resolve disputes. If not properly researched, preserved, and authenticated, the best social media evidence is worthless. It is important that counsel become familiar with their clients’ information systems and digital data including social media.

• Search engines (General Internet)
• Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
• Professional networking sites (LinkedIn)
• Blogs (Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress)
• Message Boards/Forums
• Media Sharing (You Tube, Flickr, Photobucket)