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I.R.I.S. LLC provides training to highlight the value of a rapid assessment approach to the preservation of digital evidence and identify the ever growing sources where digital evidence can be gathered or recovered. Located in Connecticut, we serve clients locally and nationally, ensuring they are equipped with the latest forensic techniques and training.

I.R.I.S. LLC provides the field investigator/first responder with the knowledge and practical application of the best practices for the identification, rapid assessment and preservation of common types of digital evidence in accordance with the governing industry standards. Our training programs are designed to meet the needs of professionals throughout Connecticut and beyond.


Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM)

DECAM is a one day training program developed exclusively for public defenders and all assigned counsel. The training program covers the areas including early case assessment, identifying and preserving digital evidence, and evaluating digital evidence preserved by law enforcement. The training includes all the material and resources needed to use the assessment method in accordance with the standards for the collection and preservation of digital evidence. Access to an up-to-date comprehensive online digital and investigative resource guide, best practices and industry standards is included.

Participants will learn a repeatable, standardized digital case assessment method that will:

  • Identify and preserve digital evidence from a variety of different sources in accordance with the best practices.
  • Recognize evidence that is time-sensitive or subject to spoliation.
  • Evaluate digital evidence provided by law enforcement.
  • Enhance coordination with digital forensic experts to further collect and analyze digital evidence.

Upon successful completion of the DECAM training, participants will have the knowledge, skills and resources to assess, triage, investigate and preserve digital evidence in accordance with the best practices and industry standards. Participants will receive a certificate of completion and will be able to testify with confidence as to the admissibility of the digital evidence and the methods used during collection.

Best Practices and Industry Standards Training:

  • Industry standards & ISO 17025.
  • Digital evidence, types, behavior and sources and methods of collection and analysis.
  • Forensic tools, certifications levels and rules of evidence.
  • Effective rapid assessment and preservation methods.
  • Acquisition, searching and reporting.
  • Scenario training, Practical evaluations and case review

Call Data Records and Cell-Site Analysis Training:

  • Acquiring and processing call-data records
  • Understanding issues relating to historical call data
  • Network operator differences
  • Historic environmental considerations
  • Reporting and exhibit presentation

Industry Standard References:

  • National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE)
  • Scientific Working Group: Imaging Technology (SWGIT)
  • Technical Support Working Group (TSWG)

Getting Started

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